Optimizing a website or SEO represents all actions that are necessary to be taken for a site to rank for targeted keywords. SEO represents “Search Engine Optimization”, a means for optimizing Web search engines. Internet search engines are all more or less heard of, and now most exposed as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu.

Among them is by far the strongest Google, which globally accounts for approximately 70% of all searches.

Why is SEO important for every website?

Studies have shown that over 80% of ,Internet users always uses Google as a search engine to find any information the needs and which is why it is important that your website follows their instructions on the quality and method of displaying web content.

If you follow SEO Orlando FL instructions, your chances are greater that you will appear in Google search results (SERP) higher.

So, optimizing website for search engine serves to increase our chances of being involved and through the keywords that were used by the users.

There are over 200 factors (Google search algorithm) to keep track during optimization, and Google takes care not to reveal all of its parameters so that it would not be able to be abused. Only Rank Orlando SEO can improve the position and presence of your website on search engines.

The success of the SEO optimization for web search engines is achieved through continuous work and constant improvement of your website with SEO Orlando FL.

The primary division of optimizing websites

SEO can be divided into On-Page and Off-Page.

As we all knew, On-Page optimization represents all actions that are performed on the site itself and represent an excellent “springboard” for every website.
We can say that we have the quality of on-page optimization done 30-40% of the total SEO work.

Off-Page optimization represents all actions that take place around the internet (on other websites to which we have access to) so that through these websites to inform as many people (and web search engine) that are not our site valuable resource in the specific industry.

How are we doing?

At this point, we can boast of many years’ experience in optimizing websites for search engines, and on some of the most advanced (and most competitive) market in SEO Orlando FL. Rank Oralndo Experts have worked in the marketing teams of companies that turn billions of dollars around the world, and now this knowledge and experience successfully transferred to our market.

If we work to design a new website, or redesign existing,

On-Page optimization is as one of the tasks that are performed for each of our previous client’s project.

Off-Page optimization is done on time (not less than six months since the first results usually start to appear after 3-4 months of the campaign) and lasts until the end of the contractual period of the campaign.